Concept Analysis on Burnout in Nursing

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Concept Analysis on Burnout

The purpose of this assignment is to examine how a selected concept is depicted and utilized across disciplines. Concepts are the “building blocks” of theory and are thus critical for much of what you will learn in the graduate program. This assignment also helps to hone your critical thinking skills and showcases your information literacy and writing skills.

At the discretion of your instructor, and if you choose to do so, you may turn in this assignment in 3 draft sections over 3 weeks and receive instructor feedback on each section without grading. This type of feedback early in your graduate career helps you with choosing appropriate resources, academic writing, and the use of APA. Use the feedback to learn these important skills and improve your paper before it is graded in its final form at the end of the course.

Then, review the published concept analyses provided in Week 1. Choose one or two that interest you OR search for “nursing concept analysis” in the library (Journal of Advanced Nursing [JAN] is a good place to find peer-reviewed concept analyses).

Section 1

  • Identify your concept. It is advisable that you write this as part of an introduction as your final concept analysis paper requires an introduction. Keep it simple and clear. For example: “The purpose of this paper is to provide a concept analysis of xxxxx. This paper will include…:”
  • Begin a literature review that crosses disciplines. A reference list with only nursing sources will not be enough for this assignment – you need to look at your chosen concept very broadly.
    • Provide in writing a beginning review of how the concept is viewed by nursing and at least two (2) other disciplines. Include documentation of sources as you write. You may find that you continue to add to this beginning literature review as you move through the concept analysis process.

This assignment is optional; no points will be awarded but you will receive plenty of feedback.

Section 2

Provide a list of the key characteristics or attributes of the concept that you have identified so far. For each characteristic, provide a source or sources using APA style.

Antecedents are those things which need to be in place before the concept occurs. Provide a list of antecedents for your concepts and document the sources using APA format. Consequences are those things that happen as a result of the concepts. Provide a list of consequences and document your sources using APA format. (Hint: the “classroom synonym” website provided is your readings list gives some good examples of antecedents and consequences. Any concept analysis from a peer-reviewed journal should also make this clear).

Section 3

Develop a model case for your concept. “A model case shares all of the key characteristics of the concept, all the defining characteristics and at least one of the antecedent and consequences” (retrieved 2/12/15 from How do to a Concept Analysis Paper for Nursing).

Reflect on how this concept relates to your current nursing practice. How do you think this concept relates to the professional nursing practice for which you are now preparing? This piece might work as part of your conclusion.

Remember that you will need to write a conclusion for your paper. If you can, turn it in with the model case so you can get feedback from me.

In the Week 7 discussion board, you will be asked to share an aesthetic representation of your concept. This can be a poem, lyric of a song, photo, artwork, or cartoon that, in your opinion, depicts your concept in an artistic manner. Remember that you will need to provide complete APA documentation of the source (unless you decide to do our own artwork or write your own poem. If this is the case, just make it clear that this is your own work). This assignment is optional; no points will be awarded but you will receive plenty of feedback.

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