concept of servant-leadership

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This module focuses on the concept of servant-leadership. In the hope that all of you will find yourselves in positions where you can act as an enlightened servant-leader in the future (if you aren’t already in such a position already), the forum discussion in this module involves preparing for that day.

Students are to create forum posts for either of the alternatives listed below.

  1. Analyze yourself: Based on what’s been described in the lectures and readings about servant-leadership, do you feel you would be capable of leading in that fashion, or are you doing it today? What makes you feel you would be a good servant-leader, or makes you one today? What is holding you back from acting as a servant-leader? Those of you who choose to address the last question are free to point to personal characteristics or the environment in which you work now.
  2. Discuss someone you have known personally or someone identified through research who exemplifies the servant-leadership concept. Describe their position, and actions they have taken which distinguish them as servant-leaders.

Be sure to comment on at least one post by a fellow-student, too! Also, be gracious when someone responds to your post – answer questions, or say something relevant to keep the conversation going.

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