Concorde Career College Hierarchy of Needs Worksheet

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Draw your own version of Maslow’s Pyramid using construction paper. Allow yourself ample space for

each section.
2. Find examples to relate to the needs and wants for each level of your personal pyramid. You may draw
your own examples, attach actual items from home, or glue pictures from magazines or the Internet.
For example – A food you like to eat, a picture of your house, a rule you think is important, a
quote that relates.
3. Once you have finished your pyramid (you may need to complete it for homework) you will need to
complete the self-analysis paragraph discussing the following on the back of your pyramid:
a. What level you are personally at right now.
b. Explain why you are at this level and give specific examples.
c. Tell what things need to happen so you can rise to the next level.

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