Control phase Six Sigma DMAIC process

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I attached the data below

Use the new data for Project Part 4 – Control Phase that you are working on this week. Keep in mind that you are making decisions based on DATA. You will use this information to work through the Six Sigma DMAIC process. This is the final phase of this project. Analyze (compare) the data. Keep in mind that you are looking to see what has improved, stayed the same or in some cases something may be worse. Why? The data that you have been provided is based on YOUR proposed solution to improve the “take rate” by revising the Green Choice Program process.

Analysis of post implementation CTQ metrics:

You will be provided with CTQ metrics for the periods 13-20 (post implementation) along with the baseline periods 1-12.

You need to prepare updated control charts for each of the CTQ data sets, and incorporate these into your paper.

Using this information, you need to consider whether the project changes achieved the goal, or if not – discuss what changes may be needed.

Project Reflection:

Prepare a 3 page reflection on this project. This portion of your project should be double spaced. Include in this reflection what you learned, what you would do differently if you needed to do this project over, and which of these skills and tools you feel are most valuable in the “real world”.

Grading Rubric:

  1. Document is professionally written using the language of Business and of Six Sigma.
  2. Document is written as if it were being presented to a Senior executive and sponsor of your project.
  3. Document is formatted as if it were being presented to a Senior executive and sponsor of your project.
  4. Was the procedure for the use of the tools followed correctly.
  5. Were the results presented in graphical format as specified (ie Flowchart, CTQ baseline and control charts, Pareto Charts.
  6. Was the Project Reflection comprehensive and cohesive.
  7. Spelling, Grammar, and Format.

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