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1. There
are several dimensions of hosting providers. Discuss at least four dimensions
for comparing hosting providers.

2. There
are several approaches businesses use to carry out adaptive methodologies in
building IT systems. However, these methodologies do share five basic
characteristics. Briefly discuss these characteristics. 

3. What
is bto? What historical “legacies” affect fords ability to move to a bto model?
How might ford move toward a bto model in a way that makes sense in the auto
industry context?

4. In
the case study “strategic outsourcing at Bharti airtel limited” how would you
structure the outsourcing contracts between bharti and its suppliers- IBM,
Nokia, Ericsson, and Siemens? What clauses would you include in the contract?

5. What
should Matulovic (CIO of Volkswagen of America) do about the unfunded supply
flow project?


What factors had made the difference between success and
failure of the Cisco ERP project? Where had the ERP team been: “smart”? and “just
plain lucky”?

-the Ipremeir company CEO, Jack
Samuelson, had already expressed to Bob Turley his concern that the company
might eventually suffer from a” defect in operating procedure.” Were the company’s
operating procedure deficient in responding to this attack? What additional procedures
might have been in place to better handle the attack?

– Discuss the difference between
GIS applications and Database application in terms of the business problem
characteristics. Start your discussion with the basic relationship between GIS
application and Database application. 

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