Cover letter

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Hi, I need you to write the cover letter for my final portfolio. It is the introduction for my paper. I will give you two papers and three drafts, one of the paper is from you. Another paper’s reference article I will also attached. For the argument paper third draft that you are still working on it. You can read them and write what progress that I have made. There are some instructions below and I attached. Please read them carefully and then write it. I will attach a sample of the cover letter, please write it like that. Thank you so much.

  • Analyze the strategy/choice/technique learned by discussing its value not only for writing, in general, but also through its application in your own writing.
  • How have/can you apply this in your writing to make it more effective
  • Give concrete evidence of this through exemplification.

Telling the story

  • Think about why you were asked to do specific assignment or taught in a specific way
  • What were the limitation to this
  • What weakness could be found with this strategy?
  • What specifically were you learn in this quarter?
  • Why were you asked to di this assignment?
  • What benefits can be found by doing this?
  • How have you applied this to your writing to make it better?

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