Cover letter for portfolio

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a cover letter that makes an argument for how your portfolio selections demonstratethe four course outcomes.

The cover letter, in many ways, represents the goals of this course in the most thoroughand complete form.  In this letter, which will be broken up into sections, you will construct anargument that places your writing within the Portfolio Evaluation Rubric  and that uses an analysis of your own writing selections as evidence.Everything that we have been working towards in class has been building towards thisassignment, which is designed to allow you to demonstrate your own fulfillment of the courseoutcomes in several ways:

1. Meta-perspective – One of the main concerns of this class has been to assist you inconstructing a critical and analytic perspective on your own writing, thereby allowingyou to take that viewpoint into other writing situations beyond the English 131classroom.  The cover letter is a means for you to demonstrate your proficiency in thisarea.  By showing me where your writing fulfills each course outcome, you will besimultaneously proving your ability to effectively critique your own writing.

2. Explanation –It is up to you which of your papers you choose to submit and revise asthe best examples of your work.  Your cover letter should explain to me why you choseto use these particular papers.  In addition, you should also explain what revisions youhave made and why.  Using the outcomes, describe how the work that you have chosenillustrates your strengths (and weaknesses) as a writer, reader, and thinker.

3. Argumentation– The main goal of the content of the cover letter itself is to argue for aspecific interpretation of your performance based on the Portfolio Evaluation Rubric.Utilizing the argumentation techniques that you have been practicing all quarter, tell mewhy you have achieved a certain level of proficiency.  Be aware that while you arearguing, you are also framing my own reading and directing it to the strongest points of your writing.


 To read, analyze, and synthesize complex texts and incorporate multiple kinds of
evidence purposefully in order to generate and support writing.

 The writing demonstrates an understanding of the course texts as necessary for the purpose at hand.

 Course texts are used in strategic, focused ways (for example: summarized, cited, applied,challenged, re-contextualized) to support the goals of the writing.

 The writing is intertextual, meaning that a “conversation” between texts and ideas is

created in support of the writer’s goals. The writer is able to utilize multiple kinds of evidence gathered from various sources (primary and secondary – for example, library research, interviews, questionnaires,observations, cultural artifacts) in order to support writing goals.
 The writing demonstrates responsible use of the MLA (or other appropriate) system ofdocu menting sources.


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