Create info about becoming an athletic training

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Now that you’ve learned a fair amount about sports medicine and the various players on the sports medicine team, you will complete a small project based on what you’ve learned in lab activities, assignments, and your personal work. BE CREATIVE! USE THIS ASSIGNMENT TO ENGAGE YOURSELF AND FOCUS YOURSELF ON MEETING YOUR GOALS AND HELPING YOUR EDUCATIONAL AND CAREER DECISIONS!

3 page written/picture “book”. If you are not clearly decided on your ideas for educational/career path, be descriptive and outline your thoughts on your path. For example if you are undecided on athletic trainer or physical therapist, describe that thought process. If you are completely undecided, focus on what you will do to get you there!

Use either a creative 5 minute video with 3 sections OR a 3 page written/picture “book” to take me through your career journey based on this class and other factors:

Past, Present Future:

  1. Past: What were your ideas for a career prior to this class? Why? Who/what were your influences at that point?
  2. Present: As of now, what are your ideas for a career? Why? Who/what were your influences? What concrete steps are you currently taking to steer yourself in the right direction for this career path? Who/what are our resources? LIst contact information, job titles, and other details that will help you.
  3. Future: Based on what you’ve learned in this class, your past journey and other factors, what do you think your educational and career path looks like in the future? Why? Who/what were or will be your influences?Who/what are your resources? List contact information, job titles and other details that will help you. Describe 3 concrete steps you will need to make to meet these future goals?

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