creating an outline Fourth Amendment Right to Privacy

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In this lesson, you learned how to examine the relationships between a topic and subtopics before creating an outline for writing. This outline will support you as you write your informative/explanatory article.

Step 1: Complete the Outline Planning Guide.

Step 2: Make certain that you listed your sources using MLA citation format.


Outline Planning Guide

This guide will assist you in organizing your thoughts and drafting an outline for your informative/explanatory article. Your annotated bibliography will also be helpful for reference during this process.

Step 1:

Fill in the following pieces of information and answer the relationship questions. Each of these items are required subtopics in your informative/explanatory article.

Landmark Case:
Advocate example:
Contemporary Case #1:
Contemporary Case #2:

Relationship Questions:

Are the subtopics equal in importance?

Are there relationships of time between subtopics?

Are any subtopics a result of other subtopics?

Optional Step: create a bubble graphic to show the relationships between your topics.

Step 2:

Follow the steps for creating your outline with Roman numerals and letters to organize your topic and subtopics. As you work, add the MLA citation for sources from your annotated bibliography where they would best support your outline.

Your Outline MLA Citations for sources from your annotated bibliography to support each part of your outline.
I. Introduction of the topic
II. Informing—Describe the personal liberty and the amendment

  1. History
  2. Definition
  3. Advocate
III. Landmark case—Explain the challenge

  1. Focus of the landmark case
  2. Evidence of the landmark case
  3. Result and impact of the landmark case
IV. Two Contemporary cases—Explain the cases

  1. Current case 1
  2. Current case 2
V. Conclusion—Express the significance of the liberty and the amendment

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