Creation of AFRICOM and the influence of terroism in Nigeria, social science homework help

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How has the creation of AFRICOM influenced the spread of terrorism in Nigeria?  Thanks for checking!

First, state your research question and hypothesis. Second, using GTD (Global Terrorism Database) or Suicide Attack databases, describe and operationalize your variables, run a multivariate regression, and visualize your regression results. Include your tables/graphs/charts in your Appendix. Also include your Excel file in your submission. 

a) Write up and interpret the results from your analysis for a general audience.

b) State if/how your question could be answered using qualitative methods or mixed methods. Discuss an example alternative design for your question (without actually carrying it out) among what we have learned in this course. 

This is a 2000-2500 word paper. As always, cite any sources you use. The assignment is meant to be simple hence we ask you to use GTD or Suicide Attack databases. However, as I always say, if you’re building this class up to finish a paper or project, you can use your own data as well. We’re happy to help you with your interest areas and projects. Remember, not all research questions or data lend themselves to multiple regression. So, when in doubt, ask me or Dr. Hodwitz about the data you want use.

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