Critical Analysis #1 on Trifles or The Children’s Hour, English homework help

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Critical Analysis #1 on Trifles or The Children’s Hour

Do a close reading of your chosen play. Note the themes the writer develops and how the characters are put in action to play out those themes. Consider the plot development, the setting, the dialogue and other elements of the play. Now, what does it all mean? What is it about? What are we, as the audience, supposed to take away from this play? Your essay starts with dealing with those kinds of questions. You will essentially be arguing your point of view, your interpretation of the play and what it means and how it works to create meaning.

In short, a critical analysis paper asks you to create an argument about the play you’ve chosen to write about. You’re creating an argument, which means, you’re asserting your view and your interpretation of the actions of the characters and the plot twists in the play. Insert your opinions, but stay focused on analyzing the action of the play to help illustrate your ideas. Your job is to dig deeper into the play to see what it’s all about and to persuade your reader of your point of view—your thesis.

The paper has the following requirements:

The paper should be 750 words in length (that’s 3 pages). It’s a skill to work in a small space.

You must have an arguable thesis that is persuasive and allows you to prove its premise in the essay. 

You must select and arrange your details in such a way that they occur in a natural, logical order and work to support your thesis.

You should work to give the reader specific details and concrete examples of the work to support your thesis and your main points.

You need to use examples of dialogue and action and cite your examples appropriately according to MLA documentation format.

You need to bring in one of the additional readings to develop your discussion.

Work to give your reader an engaging essay by varying your word choice and sentence structure throughout your essay.

This assignment is designed to demonstrate your abilities as a critical thinker and effective writer.  Make sure you check spelling, documentation format and works cited page for proper MLA formatting.

Submit your assignment here as word document with proper formatting, including your works cited. The works cited does not count in your overall word coun

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