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Social media plays an important role in promoting a business on the Internet. So, the organization chooses different social media platforms to promote its products or services on social media as it generates a number of people and there is the number of customers who will see those posts and will come to know about the product and service offered by the company (Jolly, 2020).

So many organizations are using social media in their business for promoting a number of products on their social media and there are many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Pinterest. But while using these social media platforms it is very important to check their privacy policy and see whether these social media can be used in the organization. So, for Padgett-Bale corporation we have chosen Facebook as the social media and we will discuss the privacy policy of Facebook (Jolly, 2020).

Privacy Issues of Facebook

The Privacy Policy of Facebook describes how the information is collected, used, and shared when the Organization will use the service. The service is intended to be used in the organization and also accordingly with the instruction provided by the organization that has access and service of it. Facebook can collect a lot of data and these data are used by the organization. All the organization is changing their process and the organization is responsible for collection and also use of any data which are submitted or provided through the Service and they are been governed by the terms that organization has in place with the Facebook (Facebook, n.d.-a).

Specific Privacy Issues

It is very important to understand Privacy Issues of Facebook and also see if any issue can affect Padgett-Bale or not. Facebook can access all the information that is provided on the Facebook page. So Padgett-Bale organization has to see that no additional or important information is posted on the Facebook page as Facebook can access all the information and store this information. So if any data breach happens on Facebook there are high chances that the data of Padgett-Bale might be lost. There are also that Facebook can access the data from the email id through which the organization has opened the Facebook Account. It can access all the information from the email id (Facebook, n.d.-a).

Additional Issues

The additional Issues which could affect Padgett-Bale from Facebook. There are chances that Facebook shares data and information. If the information and data are being shared it can cause a lot of problems. Because there might be some important data and which loss can create a lot of problems for Padgett-bale and this problem will be suffered by the employees and if any important data is shared there are high chances of a data breach or people getting understand it (Facebook, n.d.-b).

Platform Approach

Facebook is one of the popular social media platforms and privacy will be very strong as billion of people are using social media to connect with different people. So the privacy is also very strong as Facebook collects those data that we shared and set up the preference for us and the data shared is also protected. So, privacy is very important and Facebook have good privacy in all their products (Facebook, n.d.-b).


Padgett-Bale will use Facebook for marketing their products and it is one of the most secure platforms and the security will help to understand and the marketing will help to reach a number of people and the security will also be very high and for the security, the changes are changing out highly and these changes make the marketing process and these changes are allowing the organization of Facebook and also the organization is understanding to use social media as a medium of marketing (Facebook, n.d.-b).

Social Media Services

The services provided by Facebook that I would recommend to use is their advertising and marketing features that if the organization is marketing and if they are paying for any services then Facebook will get a boost and it will reach to a number of people and the reach will be higher and all the services will be available and present all the activities in a uniform way. The products will be marketed accordingly and the advertisement will reach accordingly to the customer (Couts, 2012).

Use of Employees

The employees should not be allowed to use the organization social media service because they could post some unanimous thing which could be dangerous and it could pose a threat to the organization. So it is better not to allow the employee to use the Facebook account and it could lead data breach (Couts, 2012).

Types Of Policy

The policies that Padgett-Bale should follow that they should not follow any unwanted pages and they should also not open any unwanted links and these links can contain any spam. The organization should also not post any unwanted post on the website which can cause any type of data breach or post any personal information or share any information about the company (Couts, 2012).


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