De Anza College Education System Action Project

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Action Project By the end of the quarter you will be ready to take some action on behalf of

your placement, a specific reading, video/film, or something else that sparked your interest in

the course. The Action Project calls for structural intervention.

This is an opportunity to imagine a utopia where inequality and injustice no longer exist

Your action project could be developing a new curriculum for students,

policy intervention for college admission redistributive school funding policy ==

or something you think could make a difference in education.

( From here is my own idea of this project)

My idea for this project is based on our class discussion and reading material,

My main argument for this action project is that we cannot make education completely equality,

Most of the time we talk about how to make education more equal,

but what I want to say is that education is a political and economic tool,

it is an important expression of social reproduction; we cannot solve a problem without recognized it

In this ten-week course, I have learned what hegemony is and what oppression is, and on the basis of this knowledge many students want

Our society can be completely fair and just, and complete fairness and justice is a form of utopia.

I believe that the ideal education should be the quality education of educators, first of all, educators should have a sense of morality and mission of this profession.

First of all, educators should have a sense of ethics and a sense of mission, as educators need to be clear about what “bias, discrimination, prejudice” is and to be aware of their own “attribution error” at all times.

The “attribution error”, “attribution error” and “confirmation bias” often occur simultaneously. My ideal education system is one in which

educators have regular training in ethics and AWARENESS, and only by being as fair as possible at the source do our students have the opportunity to

to receive relatively ethical values. Second, I believe that in the process of teacher training, there should be more multi cultures education

Teachers should promote greater integration, not separation, of students from different educational backgrounds.

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