describe critical perspective as liberation by exposing imbalances in society, Communications Assignment Homework help

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Claim: If I was an intercultural communication scholar, my favorite perspective would be critical.

Rule/definition: Bradford Hall (2005), describe critical perspective as liberation by exposing imbalances in society through knowledge. If I was a critical communication scholar my goal would be to focus on educating/liberating community members who, “find themselves positioned in historical, economic, and political ways that go beyond any of their specific desires or choices (Hall, 2005, p. 306).” As a critical communication scholar, I would recognize and see injustice and imbalance in the fact that, “Groups of people that have historically had a lot of power in political and economic senses are inherently positioned in oppressive stances, whereas groups that may be said to be more marginal or lower on the social ladder are inherently positioned as oppressed. Also, someone in an oppressive position may not even realize this or intend to be oppressive, and someone who is being oppressed may not actively recognize this oppression (Hall, 2005, p. 306).

The corresponding research method would be Ethnography, which, “encompasses a series of activities that are meant to help a researcher learn what and how things mean, what they do from member’s perspective (Hall, 2005, p.305).” The critical ethnographer wants to measure the power of groups in communities and the perception of group’s power by the communities members. Data may be collected through field work, conducting interviews and observations then using the scientific method to analyze data. First, researchers may observe communities and analyze the power of each. Secondly, conduct interviews to get the perspective of community members on their class and amount of influence they have over the society they live in.

Example: My favorite perspective of the soldier is more relevant because while research is conducted to discover, the discoveries found are best put to use in facilitating change, growth, or enlightenment; which the perspective of the solider emphasizes.

Explanation: The solider wants to help community members “recognize what is being done to them (Hall, 2005, p.301)” which reflects enlightenment. He also wants to “fight the good fight (Hall, 2005, p.301)”, which represents change that may be needed once researchers findings conclude people are in fact being oppressed. Furthermore, enlightenment and change equal growth.

Therefore, I believe the solider best resonates with interpretive research perspective as an intercultural communication scholar.

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