Describe the elements of entrepreneurship

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Our first Assignment Paper has you researching and applying our reading this week to a Company that symbolizes the entrepreneurial spirit. So, you will be researching “TOMS Shoes” and it’s Founder/Chief Shoe Giver, Blake Micoskie, in responding to the Assignment questions that follow. TOMS Shoes, is an online seller of shoes, has a unique marketing philosophy that is based on a considerable level of corporate responsibility and philanthropy. Their shoes are primarily sold online and for every pair of shoes a person buys, a pair of shoes is provided to a child in a developing country. As a starting point for your research, you might want to visit their website at

In pulling your minimum 2-page response section together, you will want to respond to the following questions (based on our ebook reading and using “qualified” research sources) and respond to each question in the order asked.

  1. Describe the elements of entrepreneurship.
  2. Describe how the key elements of entrepreneurism (as outlined in our reading and based on your “qualified” research sources) have influenced the Founder of TOMS?
  3. Explain how social responsibility and social entrepreneurship play a role in how TOMS is structured to achieve their profit motive and positive social goals simultaneously.
  4. By using and expanding on the “Dream Scale,” that is found in our ebook reading this week, apply this framework to how would this be applicable to a business that you would like to open in the future?
  5. In follow-up to the 3rd question, how can you personally apply the principles of social responsibility and social entrepreneurship to the business that you would like to create

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