Description of Votive Reliefs in Classical Greece, assignment help

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Choose one object
from the exhibition, and write a visual analysis and cultural
about it; the paper should be 3–4 pages long,
double-spaced with 1-inch margins, using a 12-point Arial or Times New Roman
font.  Please see the Style Sheet posted
on Blackboard for additional guidelines.

***The object that I choose is in the attachment**** 

A work of sculpture or
is recommended for this assignment, but you may choose another
piece if something really appeals to you.

Your paper should
include the following

  • First, make a drawing
    of the piece; you will NOT be graded on your artistic skill, but on your attention
    to the piece and your effort to capture its essential qualities and
    details.  Please do this drawing at the museum, directly from the object.
  • Give a detailed description
    of the piece as a
    physical object, examining it from all sides,
    including the materials and techniques used and any signs of damage or
  • Describe and discuss the
    piece’s subject matter, its style and formal
    (i.e., color, line, shape, texture, composition,
    treatment of figures, space, etc.).
  • Finally, discuss the cultural
    of the piece, that is, its function and meaning for its
    original patrons or audience.  If
    applicable, relate it to objects we have studied in class
  • This is art assignment not writing
  • 40% Research and 60% description 

Additional Guidelines:

This papershould primarily reflect your own
, based on knowledge you have acquired in class, and
incorporating basic research. Whatever resources you use, including your
textbook, museum labels, or online sources, must be properly cited
according to the Style Sheet posted
on Blackboard. 

Your writing will be evaluated according to
appropriate standards of grammar,
spelling and organization

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