Develop a Questionnaire

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Assignment Details and Grading Rubric
Assignment Title: Develop a Questionnaire
Marketing researchers must become highly skilled at developing survey questions used in the
construction of a data collection form. In Part I of this Assessment you will demonstrate your ability to
create a viable research study questionnaire using the knowledge you attain from Chapters 12 and 13 in
your textbook. Be sure to conduct additional research to learn best practices used in marketing research
questionnaire development.
Remember, it’s essential that you consider the ethics behind every question you develop. Always
consider the validity of your questions before making them ready for data collection.
Directions for completing this Assignment
o Read the example Case study and questionnaire called “School of Business”
o Develop survey questions based on the case study “E-Food and the Online Grocery

Part I
Based on the topic of the case study, formulate a research problem that can be studied in a marketing
research project. Design a 10-question market research survey that will help you collect viable data to
inform your research study. You must prepare open-ended, closed-ended, and scaled response
questions in your survey.
Part II
It is essential for marketing researchers to develop an ability to design appropriate data collection
methods following the theoretical and conceptual methods you learned about in Chapters 5-15 in the
Basic Marketing Research textbook. In Part II of this Assessment you will demonstrate your ability to
design and formulate a data collection methodology that includes a research problem, secondary data,
primary data, and a sampling and data collection plan.
For Part II of the Assignment, compose an informative essay (minimum 750 words; minimum 4-5
pages) in which you specifically address the points listed below. Make sure to include separate title and
references pages, use standard paragraph structure, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font,
and follow all other APA formatting and citation guidelines. Incorporate the following in your essay:
o Collect a minimum of two primary and two secondary data resources to improve your
understanding of the research problem and topic area.
o Present a short summary of each primary and secondary data resource as an annotated
bibliography. To learn how to construct an annotated bibliography for your secondary data
resources, Click Here. Be sure to explain why each research resource will be useful in solving
the research problem.
o Explain the validity of the survey you developed. Use research to support your explanation.
o Prepare a brief plan on how you will choose the sample, and explain how you will go about
collecting the data from the sample in your marketing research study.

MT355 Unit 6 Assignment Grading Rubric
Content, Focus, Use of Text/Outside Sources (55%)
Demonstrates ability to formulate a research problem. 10
Demonstrates ability to develop open-ended questions. 4
Demonstrates ability to develop open-ended questions. 4
Demonstrates ability to develop scaled response questions. 4
Subtotal 22
Analysis and Critical Thinking (35%)
Analyzes the case study. 4
Explains the validity for each question. 4
Flow of answers is logical. 3
Considers different positions on the issues. 3
Subtotal 14
Writing style, grammar, and APA 6th ed. formatting. 4
Total Gross Assignment Score: 40

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