DH 327 SMC W13 How Nitrous Oxide Oxygen Sedation Works Lab Report

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Week 13 – LAB: Anatomy & Physiology of Respiration (How Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Sedation Works)

By week 13 (Wedensay 5/5/21), reading of Clark & Brunick chapters 1 – 13 should be complete.

Pre- Assignment :

  • Re-read Chapter 8: page 78 -89


  1. Create an information sheet (using the template in bullet #2)
    • Construct the process/route of inhalation sedation using Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation
  2. Please use this template:
  3. Each information sheet must include all of the anatomical components/criteria listed on the sheet
    • You may not add or remove components/criteria
  4. All information must be in bullet format
    • No paragraphs please
  5. All items must be typed
    • No handwritten work will be accepted
    • Please cut and past directly to the submission box
  6. All items must have references a textbook page, and an item number from that page when applicable
  7. For each anatomical component/criteria (headings), please include the following information:
    • What is it?
    • What does it do? / How does it work?
    • What is the significance to Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation?
    • What element or item, pertaining to the particular component/criteria do you feel is specifically important to know?

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