Differentiated Instruction, summary help

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Differentiated Instruction

In order to delve more deeply into differentiated instruction,
please visit www.differentiationcentral.com

This website contains blogs, videos, podcasts and many print
references regarding how to differentiate your instruction in the classroom,
with differentiation gurus such as Carol Tomlinson.

Watch the videos regarding differentiation in your grade
band. Scroll down to videos from presenters, then click on more videos. We did
some of these in class last week.

There is a blog that focuses on different ways to
differentiate, and also provides helpful links for additional information.  This blog can be accessed on the right side
of the home page, the Ed Week Teacher Blog.

These resources will be helpful as you develop your
adaptation project, as well as in the classroom.

For this week’s online work: Select at least one important
idea that you found on this site. Write a brief summary of the idea and explain
how you may use it in your current or future teaching. Please write
approximately 2 paragraphs for this assignment. If you need more material to
write about, select a second idea from the website and write about it.

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