Discovery Writing ( Personal Foreign Experience ) fix my paper

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let me make it clear and simple for you but you have to read everything first.

this is the requirements for the homework that I have done already, my professor have review the work, and wrote some one ( i have uploaded 2 pictures for you got the note ) one of the main things that she point for me the paper is so general so she want me to fix it and make it more Specific and clear.

also I have uploaded the original file for you to edit.

please make sure to follow all the requirements

In your individual inquiries for your final paper, you will use your own personal experience to identify questions related to the topic for this course. What does it mean to be foreign? How does belonging to a space potentially shape identity? At the beginning of the semester each of you will meet with me to determine what your inquiry will be for this course. Once we have decided on the topic, you will spend the rest of the semester developing the project doing substantial research related to your specific inquiry on identity and foreignness. 8 pages and 8 source

  • Paper Format

The format for papers will vary, but unless otherwise indicated, the standard format is as follows:

  • double-spaced throughout (with no extra spaces between paragraphs)
  • readable font (12 point, no italics except for titles or emphasis)
  • one-inch margins on all sides, left justified
  • your name, my name, the section number for the course, and an indication of the draft number (first, second, final) in upper left corner
  • title of the paper center justified
  • numbered pages

When you cite information, you should follow the MLA style guidelines appropriate for the topic or situation.

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