Discussion 2: American Culture

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A. Is there an American Culture? If so, what is it? If not, why not?

B. What are some core American values (e.g., self-reliance, freedom)? How do we know these are core values (i.e. what are examples we see in everyday life of this?

C. How might these values influence life in the United States?

D. Why might it be important to study one’s own culture?

E. Describe a sub-culture to which you belong and discuss how belonging to this sub-culture impacts your identity.

2. Post two substantial comments on the work of your peers before Sunday at 11:59pm. Remember these comments are meant to contribute to the intellectual development of our conversation.

Please use the appropriate numbers and letters to indicate your responses to each question. Indicate your word count in bold at the end of your initial post. Your initial post should be approximately 500 words

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