Discussion Board: Chapters Seventeen and Eighteen

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Course Textbook: https://d3bxy9euw4e147.cloudfront.net/oscms-prodcms/media/documents/IntroductionToSociology2e-OP.pdf

Chapter 17

  • Which perspective best describes our political institution here in the US: structural functionalism (pluralism) or social conflict (power elite)? Be sure to explain your choice and use at least one example to support your position.

Chapter 18

  • Thinking of the US as a capitalist nation with some socialist elements, what are at least two ways you directly benefit from government intervention in the economy?
  • Who or what was responsible for the Triangle Fire? What were some of the consequences for work and labor as a result of this tragedy? What’s your personal response to this story?

Reply to:

Triangle fire occurred at a typical sweated factory in the middle of Manhattan where excessive number of women and girls in unsanitary and dangerous working environment in 1911; working long hours with extremely low wages. Many of the workers were women, youngest was 14 years old. Most of them were Italian and European Jewish immigrants that immigrated to the U.S. for better lives They were unfortunate to face a poor horrifying working. The immigrants struggle with communication in a new language and culture, they became victims as the working poor for the factory owners. They worked without complaining to keep their jobs. It was unsanitary because the door was locked, not able to go out of the building to go to the bathroom to lose time to work. It is immoral for the owners Max Blanck and Isaac Harris, the owners of the building to earn the portion of the profits to know the poor environment, they knew the type of business conducted in the factory. The responsible falls into the owner of the building. Some of the worker had joined the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, Unions fought for better working environment and protective laws. The consequences for work and labor as a result of this tragedy is that Triangle Fire showed lack of the fire inspection and precautions, no safety protection for the workers. Arising protest, anger at inadequate concern and the greed of occurrence of this tragedy. Workers went to union quarters to offer testimonies, support mobilization, insisted the Triangle owners be brought to trial. The union demanded to have the complete prevention of the tragedy and protection of their working rights and guarantee of their safe working environment.

My personal response to this story is that it is a model of modern inequality for this era. There are always few people who is getting massive amount of profits, and the rest is working poor. For this case, there were no regulation due to non-union work. Also, the reason for the lock up also to hide the falseness of the working environment. In downtown LA, there are factories that resemble to Triangle company now in 2020. They can be caught quickly by the legislature. They ignore the Union. However, some needs to be paid to live day by day, some can take their advantage to make massive profit. They might have been quiet because it meets both of the owner and workers need. But it is always unfair.

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