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TOPIC QUESTION: Per our textbook, Excel is spreadsheet software for creating an electronic workbook. A workbook consists of rows and columns used to organize data, perform calculations, print reports, and build charts. With Excel you can create simple to complex personal or business workbooks. For this exercise, you must demonstrate your understanding of an Excel workbook by discussing a personal or business workbook that you would create in order to help organize any area in your life. Some examples would be personal finance, a budget, counting calories, tracking an exercise routine, etcetera. What would be the names of the columns and rows, and functions (if any) you would use to create this spreadsheet? Do you think it would be beneficial in helping you achieve a specific goal?

No templates. First describe your example by:

  1. Naming the Excel file to reflect its content.
  2. Naming the different headers of each column or row, as well as the variables of the given function (if used).
  3. Discuss any of the tools Excel offers in order to make your spreadsheet organized and user friendly, like borders, coloring, and freezing panes to name a few.

In what ways will this spreadsheet enhance the quality of your life, and/or make your life more efficient?

Office Talk Participation and Grading Criteria

  1. Topic Question Response: Thoroughly respond to the question posted above. A thorough response is a minimum of 150+ words answering the question using your perception and understanding of the classwork for the week.
  2. Spelling & Grammar: All postings and responses must use business writing style and etiquette. Proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation are required. Remember, in an academic or professional environment, “text-messaging” writing is not acceptable.


Points Available

Post Requirement

Response to Topic Question

0 – 40

A thorough response that clearly addresses the topic question and responds using items learned in class, meeting 150 word count.

Responses to Peer or Instructor Posts (2)

0 – 30

Minimum of at least two quality replies to at least two other postings with 75 words or more each.

All three posts are completed on separate days

0 – 10

Each post is made on a separate day of the week

Spelling & Grammar

0 – 10

Use of proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation

Quality of Posts

0 – 10

Overall quality of discussion (including points for extra postings, internet research and references)

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