Discussion- Business Law

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Should individual states be allowed to tax all online purchases made
by residents of their state, even to companies with no physical presence
in their state? Previously, online makes sense because they had a
physical presence in the state. Then some states were there was no
physical presence for large online retailers, like Amazon, changed the
rules and redefined what it meant to have a physical presence in the
state to include companies that paid anyone in the state that solicited
business for an online retailer as being physically present in the state
and therefore these states simply changed the rules.

Now, pending in Congress since 2013 is the Market Place Fairness Act
which would make it a federal law allowing all states to collect sales
tax from online state transactions. This law is still pending and in
its third version.

Including state, local, county, municipal, etc. there are
approximately 9,600 taxing jurisdictions. The online retailer
Overstock. com spent over $1.3 million to add just one state to its
sales tax collection system.

Is the Market Place Fairness Act a good idea? Do you think it will
hurt online ups that are online because they cannot afford a brick and
mortar store? Is this just a money grab by state and local
jurisdictions? Will it influence your online shopping?

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