Discussion: Planning a Story 4.12

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Soon, you will write your own short story. But first, you’ll use this discussion to solicit ideas and feedback that will help you to plan for this assignment.

Examine Dakota’s post.

I want to write a tense and suspenseful story (but one that isn’t too frightening). The main conflict will be man (actually, a girl!) vs. nature: My protagonist gets separated from her family on a hike and spends one night—just one night—alone in the woods not far from her town. I want her night in the woods to be a kind of turning point in her life—the night where she leaves childhood forever. I’m wondering if any of you have ideas as to what might happen to the girl during her night alone. Again, I want the focus to be less on scary stuff (wild animals, ghosts, etc.) and more on her personal development.

Create one original post that

  • Explains what type of story you intend to write. Will it be suspenseful? Will it be frightening? Will it be heartwarming?
  • Notes three questions and/or concerns you have about how to address one of the following: develop the story’s main conflict, communicate a particular theme, select an appropriate point of view.
  • Posts any other ideas, questions, concerns related to your story on which your peers can provide feedback.

Create two response posts that

  • Respond respectfully and meaningfully to the original post of a classmate.
  • Offer feedback that directly addresses the questions your classmates have asked in their original posts.

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