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Three (3) possible dissertation research topics related to organizational leadership

Leadership is an important aspect that affects the performance of an organization. In this ever evolving field, there are some critical dissertation research topics whose research is critical in the field of organizational leadership. The first topic is on global culture and how it affects the organizational culture. In the era of globalization, organizational culture is greatly affected by the culture of the different global culture that the organization is invested in. The leadership methods are chosen therefore has to account for the difference in cultures. The second research topic is on the role of leadership in an organization. There have been many theories of leadership including the Psychodynamic Approach and the Team Leadership approach. Both approaches attempt to explain the role of leadership in an organization. The third research topic is on contemporary ethical behaviors and practices in an organization and how it affects the performance of contemporary organizations.

Some of the leadership problems or opportunities that each of these three studies addresses

These topics address the challenges of innovation, competitiveness, and productivity that are experienced in an organization. The role of leadership is a broad topic where certain theories have been set up to try and explain it. It directly affects the innovation and general productivity of the employees. With defined roles of leadership, the organization is able to improve the overall innovation of all its employees. The organizational culture affects the productivity of the employees especially in situations where the organization enters new markets. The leaders are responsible for ensuring that it encompasses the global culture and the role of the MNC’s (Miner, 2015). Ethical leadership and practices in an organization address the problem of fair competitiveness in the market. An organization must be relatively competitive in any market which may lead to some organizations using unethical means to ensure their success.

Suggestions for the leadership problems and/or opportunities

There are several methods that can be used to solve the above challenges such as knowledge creation and goal setting. Research has shown that goal setting improves the productivity of the employees by 50% (Kupers, 2016). Statistics have shown that knowledge creation will allow for the staff to generate new ideas that will improve the overall competitiveness of the organization in the market (Trivisonno, & Barling, 2016). The incorporation of these ideas into the organizational leadership will significantly boost the performance of the organization.


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    Mark … Good work so far.I think it is reasonable that you took seriously this challenge since the process you are going through in this assignment is to begin thinking beyond the topic and look at what good challenges lay before you as you consider connecting this class to the research basis of part of your dissertation.What might be three (3) possible dissertation research topics related to organizational leadership. Make sure your topics are current and relevant to the field. What could they be? Something on leadership impact on employee productivity, how to get leadership and employee engagement working together, how style can be more substantive than personality of leaders, why leadership is so hard, why leadership is more than directing people, how to teach leadership, what really is the difference between leaders and managements, and many more topics and when applied to many organizations of business or government, service industries, large and small, profit or non-profit, etc.When it comes to problems and opportunities with any of these studies, it comes down to focus, depth, motivation, value, relevance, cost, timing, honesty, etc. Researchers must be fully neutral and balanced in the study, masters of the secondary data, able to name the most important intellectual and predominant contributors to the field of your study, and having to get access you the sources of empirical data, etc. Have you got the right research design, do you know how to design a research methodology, can you statistically analyze the data, do you know how to code and organize the collected data? Can you get permission from organizational leadership to examine an organizational issue? Many challenges surround us with life happening, demands of business, family pressures, and the ups and downs of your motivation to complete the dissertation.
    Now what can you really do to meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities? That’s the big question. Do you feel your suggestions are practical and will ameliorate the challenges? Offer specific suggestions for the research of leadership problems and/or opportunities. Support these suggestions with a rationale, research sources, and/or examples from your experience in teams/groups. How do you think you did? Dr. K.

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