Do Alzheimer Disease Care takers who attend caregiver support groups understand the disease process and symptoms?

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Evaluation Study Proposal Assignment

My field education placement is Stony Brook Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for people living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and dementia disorders.

  • The elements of the literature review I attach must serve as the basis of the evaluation study proposal you are writing.
  • All in which you present and justify a design and plan for the evaluation-based field education.


Part 1(2-3 pages)

  • Introduce the research topic, explaining the context, scope and situation of what you are planning to evaluate, statement of research question and summary of literature review.
  • The explanation should include information about the organizational setting or other context in which the evaluation would take place. It should indicate why the evaluation is necessary or valuable.
  • This first section of the paper should include a literature review on your research topic. (Attached)
  • There are times when researchers choose to use previously used methods that seem effective for the topic, and there are times when researchers choose different methods than those used in the past in order to expand or deepen the knowledge about a topic.
  • The literature review also provides the opportunity to mention gaps in the literature.
  • The literature review should show what is already known about the topic you are studying.
  • You may want to include information both on what is known about the content of the topic and the methods that have been used by other researchers to study the topic.
  • Finally, your specific research question should be clearly stated. Remember that research questions should have a limited scope, and in this case, the questions need to be one that can be answered with a research method that you can explain thoroughly in this project.
  • Clarity of research topic and question
  • Strength of literature review


Part 2

  • Study design and sampling methods (1 page)
  • Relevance of design to research question
  • Clarity of design description
  • Appropriateness of sampling approach to type (purpose) of research and research question
  • Data collection methods and measures(1-2 pages)
  • Data analysis plan(1 page)
  • Ethical consideration (1 page)
  • Justice implications (1 page)
  • (3 parts)(7-9 pages) excluding the title page and reference page.

Degree of fit of methods and measures to the research question and type (purpose) of research

Accuracy and appropriateness of fit of data analysis plan to

(1) research question, and (2) levels and types of data collected

Thoughtful consideration of potential ethical issues pertaining to the evaluation

Thoughtful consideration of potential justice issues of the evaluation or its implications


Part 3

Summarize the whole paper so I can use as VoiceThread or video presentation (5-8 minutes) Organization, clarity and completeness is very important (1 page)


  • Be certain to pay attention to writing quality, organization, grammar, spelling and sentence structure.
  • The project should show your application of social work knowledge and values, critical analysis, and thoughtful reflection.
  • Reminder: This is an evaluation study proposal. An evaluation study has a specific purpose and does not simply answer any type of research question.


Below is just a model on how I created my Research Question

  • What program/service are you evaluating?
  • What is the overall goal of this program?
  • What is an intermediary (behavioral) goal of this program?
  • What is a short term (knowledge oriented) goal of this program?
  • What population does this program serve?
  • Are you conducting a ‘formative’ or ‘outcome’ evaluation? Formative

Caregiver support group

To give caregivers a better understanding of the disease process, and teaching them how to take care of themselves, in order to help slow progression of Alzheimer’s in their love one.

Teach the caregivers self-care strategies which includes proper nutrition, exercise and adequate sleep that will support their well-being.

. Caregivers better understands the disease process and symptoms in order to provide support to their love one with Alzheimer’s.


Research Question:

Do Alzheimer Disease Care takers who attend caregiver support groups at Stony Brook Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s better understand the disease process and symptoms?

Tips on writing this paper:-

  • Title of this paper is Program Evaluation Proposal
  • Using the literature review, your must now in-cooperate the new research topic in the introduction.
  • Your conclusion should in-cooperate everything discussed paying close attention the direction of the research question.
  • Condense the entire literature review to 2-3 pages double space. (part 1)
  • No need for new references. Use the same ones available.
  • Text Essential Research Methods for Social Work of Rubin and Babbie Ch. 13 and 14 (appendix 3) cover the topic of evaluation proposal

Assessment criteria:

  • 1. How clearly you explain the research topic, in terms of
  • (a) context for the evaluation
  • (b) reasons for the evaluation
  • 2. How relevant and thorough is your literature review
  • 3. How clear and achievable is your research question
  • 4. Proper APA formatting for your citations, in-text and in the reference list
  • 5. 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and double-spaced.

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