Documentary Critique on ‘The Persuaders’, communications assignment help

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Assignment: Review an approved book related to public relations.
Remember that a review is not merely a summary report but includes an
evaluation. Follow the guidelines listed below and posted here:

Also, refer to the book report rubric in the assignment area.

What’s due: A 4-6 page (800-1200 word) written review in APA style. The
paper should address the guidelines below.

  1. What
    is the specific topic of the book or article? What overall purpose does it
    seem to have? For what readership is it written? (The preface,
    acknowledgements, bibliography and index can be helpful in answering these
    questions. Don’t overlook facts about the author’s background and the
    circumstances of the book’s creation and publication.)
  2. Does
    the author state an explicit thesis? Does he or she noticeably have an axe
    to grind? What are the theoretical assumptions? Are they discussed
    explicitly? (Again, look for statements in the preface, etc. and follow
    them up in the rest of the work.)
  3. What
    exactly does the work contribute to the overall topic of your course? What
    general problems and concepts in your discipline and course does it engage
  4. What
    kinds of material does the work present (e.g. primary documents or
    secondary material, literary analysis, personal observation, quantitative
    data, biographical or historical accounts)?
  5. How
    is this material used to demonstrate and argue the thesis? (As well as
    indicating the overall structure of the work, your review could quote or
    summarize specific passages to show the characteristics of the author’s
    presentation, including writing style and tone.)
  6. Are
    there alternative ways of arguing from the same material? Does the author
    show awareness of them? In what respects does the author agree or
  7. What
    theoretical issues and topics for further discussion does the work raise?
  8. What
    are your own reactions and considered opinions regarding the work?

By Margaret Procter

Or the other option:

Writing a
Documentary Critique

due: A 4-6 page (800-1200 word) written review in APA style. The paper should
address the guidelines below. The critique should be written as a paper – do
not merely list bullet points to answer these questions. These questions are
intended as a guide and represent a minimum benchmark for the critique. Note:
Use APA style for general format and citation. 

Give details of the documentary

• Title of the documentary

• Intended audience

Explain the purpose of the documentary

• What is the purpose of the

• What is the main message the
director wants to get across to the audience?

State your prior knowledge of the subject

• Did you know anything about the
subject before you watched the documentary?

• What did you expect to see?

• What questions did you have
about the subject?

Summarize the documentary

• Who / What is the subject of
the documentary?

• What is the documentary about?
What are the main events (if any)?

• Where was it filmed?

What other details are relevant?

Talk about the sound effects, camera work, interviews and special

• Do you like the sound effects?

• Are the images sharp?

• How is the filming? What camera
angles were used?

• Do you like the interviews?
What have you learned from the interviews?

• Are there any special effects?

Analyze the information presented in the documentary


·  What are
the main sources of information?

·  Is it
credible? Ethical?

·  How does
the information presented compare to other information you have learned about
the topic in your studies?

Evaluate the contributions and lasting impact of the documentary

o  To what
extend did the documentary impact society?

o  Describe
any temporary or lasting contributions or changes to culture in a given

o  How was
the documentary received by its intended audience? Critics? (You likely will
need to reference some outside sources for this section.)

Provide personal comments and recommendation

• Which part of the documentary
do you like most?

• What have you learned from it?

• Was there anything that
surprised you?

• What are the drawbacks of the

• Would you recommend this
documentary to your peers/colleagues/family?

·  What will
be your lasting “take away” from watching the documentary? (What will you
remember five years from now?)

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