Each response should be research, referenced and cited in accordance with APA formatting.

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In a minimum of 350 words per question, answer the following questions using the uploaded book Griffith, B. A., & Dunham, E. B. (2015). Working in teams: moving from high potential to high performance for one reference and must use 3-5 other scholarly sources (total). Additional reading requirements at http://bethelu.libguides.com/coursematerials. Please select course number/name that matches this course. MOD1500_AB019.

  1. List and discuss five basic conditions that distinguish a team from a workgroup. Name and describe each condition.
  2. List and discuss three common problems that hinder a team’s performance.
  3. List and discuss three conditions that are essential to a team’s success.
  4. List and describe five types of skills associated with ideal team members.
  5. Throughout this unit we have looked at theories and suggestions related to building a team. Discuss a time when you were a part of building a team. What type of team was it? What were the strengths, weaknesses, successes and problems that you encountered? What are some things you would do again and what would you do differently the next time?

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