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This praxis asks you to listen and read about a controversial topic and to reflect on your own stance on the issues related to identity, the sound of talk, and conversation style. Here is how you should proceed.

1) Listen and read. Listen to and read the following three pieces on the sound of young women’s voices. As you read and listen, feel free to take notes that help you answer the questions below.

  • Naomi Wolf


  • A response to Naomi Wolf


2) Note 3 Research Findings cited in these articles that you find most interesting and compelling for thinking about the sound of talk, conversation style, and identities.

3) Note 3 Comments (not research findings, but opinions and viewpoints from speakers, writers, or others being quoted in the readings) from the three pieces that you find most annoying, offensive, or inflammatory for thinking about identity, conversational style, and the sound of talk.

4) Take a stand: Are we policing young women’s voices? Are people policing how men and people of other ages sound? Are there any aspects of your voice that you feel are frequently criticized or under attack? What are the identity implications of these criticisms and evaluations?

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