ECE 354 W2 Assessment & Intervention During Early Childhood Journal

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Standardized Tests

This week focused on standardized testing.  What do you remember about
standardized testing from when you were in school?  Are your memories of
standardized testing positive or negative?  Based on your own
experiences with standardized testing, do you believe standardized
assessments should be used in early childhood education?  Do you believe
standardized assessments have a place in education in general?

Journal Options:

  1. A written reflection.
  2. Create a Thinglink
    If you choose this option, you can use a picture or an image related to
    testing.  Make sure to make a tab that addresses each of the questions
    listed in the journal directions.  You can view the Thinglink Quick Start Guide in your online class for directions on creating a Thinglink. 

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