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Produce an email to your instructor as follows:

Assess your improved understanding of two communication concepts or documentation types we have covered. That is, with what areas of technical communication are you doing well and why? Also, identify one concept or documentation style that is giving you difficulty and assess why you think this is the case.


  • Apply the concepts of communication theory and ethics in a simulated on-the-job setting.
  • Apply various strategies of prewriting, writing, and revising.
  • Analyze the audience for each writing assignment.
  • Analyze the organization and format best suited to each writing situation.
  • Write various types of business/technical documents.
  • Interpret and prepare data using a variety of graphic formats.
  • Prepare a technical document based on the student’s field of study using standard research techniques and documentation including the selection of a subject, research of the subject, organization of information into an outline form, and completion of first and final drafts.
  • Follow precisely the appropriate guidelines for each assignment and produce an acceptable finished product within the time allotted.

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