ENG W231 Technical writing: Web comparison

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This assignment should be written as a formal business memo to your instructor and cover all of the below criteria. (There is a Memo Writing Tutorial in Chapter 21 of our textbook.) The text of your memo should be a minimum of 200 polished, edited words.

Feel free to use memo template for this and other assignments.

  • Review Chapter 1 of our textbook, focusing specifically on two sections: “Characteristics of Workplace Writing” and “Six Reader-Centered Strategies You Can Begin Using Now.”
  • Then, review Ivy Tech’s homepageLinks to an external site. and the homepage of any other American two- or four-year college or university of your choice.
  • Referring to the information you read about in the textbook, compare the strategies used to make the sites useful and persuasive, and note ways their usefulness or persuasiveness might be increased. Refer to specific terminology discussed in the textbook.
  • Finally — to conclude your memo — having compared both websites, discuss which one is stronger and give a detailed, reasoned analysis for your assertion.

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