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The influence of the environment that surrounds us has profound influences on our health and several of our modules have already alluded to some of these connections (e.g. fetal and infant exposure to toxins in the their environment). Let’s explore a few of areas of After reviewing the module material, please choose ONE of the following prompts.

For your post, please write 1-2 paragraphs (4-5 sentences each) in response to the question of your choice. Remember that at this point you are building on a number of public health topics we have already seen in class, and you will be able to provide an informed perspective for any of the questions you decide to answer. Make sure to integrate your analysis of this week’s material in your discussion response. You can expand if you are inclined to do so, but ensure that your writing is formal and proofread your posting. Your post is due Thursday 1159pm of week 9. I encourage you to comment on your classmates’ posts, but this is optional.

  1. How may overly strict government regulation of environmental hazards be self- defeating? Provide an example of a specific regulation
  2. Can you think of any specific examples of laws intended to benefit public health that may do more harm than good? Justify your response.
  3. Visit the website of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), niehs.nih.gov. What are some environmental hazards that NIEHS is researching? What are some ways the research in these areas is going far enough or not far enough in addressing the public’s health?

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