environment science writing -111

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Short essay questions. Total 5 essay questions. Please provide a response about 150 words to each essay question.

Here is the question:

( essay part). 150 words for each question:

1. How is hunger built in to economic structures according to Vandana Shiva?

2. What are the ecological differences between the peasant food web and the industrial food chain?

3. Explain why Magdoff and Foster think that technological reforms can never make capitalism sustainable.

4. What does Waring mean when she says the women and the environment “count for nothing”?

5. How does Du Bois link the problem of race to the environmental degradation of soils and loss of biodiversity?

Here is the reading link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rMrm_JW1pAIu0xhwn…

Need to use the information from here.

For question 1, read: Shiva, “Hunger by Design”(pp. 238-248)

Q2: Kautsky, “The Peasant and Industry” from The Agrarian Question(pp. 186-190)

Q 3: see attached file.

Q4. Waring, “A Woman’s Reckoning” (pp. 299-315)

Q5. Du Bois, “The Quest for the Golden Fleece” plus selections(pp.200-224)

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