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How important is a
college education in 2015? What makes it so? What services are available to
help students who might not otherwise attend college?

Things to keep in mind

*use formal tone – no “I” voice
*avoid using words such as: very, many, seems, etc. Remember, you want your
essay to stand alone and not be dependent upon you
*consider our in-class discussions surrounding these issues
*review journal entries on this topic (you have already written 3 pages!)

Rules of the game

*essay must be typed using
12pt. Times New Roman Font
*essay must be a minimum of 2 ½ – 3 pages in length
*essay must have proper headings for first page and subsequent pages
*essay must include two quotes from an internet source that either supports the
points you are making, or refutes them.
*thesis statement must be set off in other type (bold, italics, or underlined)

things to keep in mind for this essay:

Support: To support the points you make, include any of the
following kinds of information:

Examples (Specific cases or illustrations of phenomena.)

Allusions (references to the literature we’ve read, or to popular culture,
religion, current events)

Authorities (sources or people who can substantiate points based on research or
professional qualifications.)

–Analogies (they compare a familiar
thing to a less familiar thing to make the less familiar more understandable.)

3) Quotes: Be sure that your quotes are smoothly integrated with your
own words. Please also be sure to review the College’s
policy regarding plagiarism. See chapter 24 of the Lunsford text for information
on how to integrate quotes smoothly. This is an essential skill for writing
well. Remember that any exact words that are borrowed from another source need
to be in quotation marks.

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