Essay assignment based off two different Flannery O’Connor stories.

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WA3 Instructional Guide: WA3-124_sp18.pdf

This is my second time posting this on Studypool. I need someone who can really help me get an A. A skilled writer and must have this done in 24 hours therefore, 6pm pacific time tomorrow. I beg no plagiarism and to really focus and get to know the assignment by reading through the links I have attached above called sample WA3, rhetorical precis, and the last link the instructional guide which will tell you step by step how to do this essay. It is a rather simple but long essay, but I am willing to do anything to get an A. You must choose to flanney conner short stories and MUST know how rhetorical Précis are supposed to be written. If you have any questions, I am all ears. Thank you!!!

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