Essay for English literature. Thank you.

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  • Writing Prompt #3
  • Consider the role of setting, or context, in one of the works. For example, a story that takes place in a wild and natural setting might include characters struggling against nature to survive. A story set in a city might include themes of alienation and anonymity because of the impersonal crowds and busy city life. Cultural contexts can combine with both urban and rural elements to produce further meaning, as well. Consider the following questions as you critically read one of the texts below: Does the protagonist conflict with the setting or have particular interactions with 
it? Does the protagonist’s relationship with the setting connect with his/her development as a character? Does the setting reveal other themes and conflicts?

“The Things They Carried” (O’Brien, 1990) – 5.4 in Journey into Literature

Guiding Questions

  • How does the story communicate the uncertain and frightening setting these soldier-characters experience? (Consider repeated phrases or other devices.)
  • What sorts of emotions, such as stress or fear, does the Vietnam context cause the characters to experience? Give specific examples from the story, and consider how these emotions might be “told” to us in multiple ways.
  • How do the soldiers in the story cope with their setting/context, whether through imagined escapes or other means, and are they successful?
    • During the war in Vietnam, soldiers has to face with deaths, and casualties within in the platoon and having to kill someone to survive.
    • Lieutenant Jimmy Cross blames himself for the death of one of his men due to his obsession and feelings for Martha, his old college crush
    • It seems like Lieutenant Jimmy Cross did not cope mentally towards the love affair dilemma and the death of one his men.

My Thesis: Being a soldier means a call to service that can bring two different worlds, a new life in a foreign country and a new life upon coming home. “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien depicts the struggle and terror of being deployed in a war zone in Vietnam and the struggle of alienation and survival.

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