Essay – How it feels to be the “other” in a social setting?

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A primary goal in this course is to develop a sensibility for how it feels to be the “other” in a social setting. You can earn additional points towards your semester grade by putting yourself in a situation where you will become especially aware of the fact that you are the “other” type of person, the one’s whose race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religious preference is obviously different from those who dominate the situation. Have your experience approved by Dr. Gilbertz in advance. Write a 5-paragraph essay:

  1. (Paragraph 1) Explain the circumstances of your “othering” experience.
  2. (Paragraphs 2-4) Explain three different elements of your time in this situation that made you aware of your “otherness” (these can be internal feelings, direct verbal exchanges with people and/or indirect exchanges).
  3. (Paragraph 5) Explain what lessons” are derived from this experience and how you will now reach out to “others” that you encounter (i.e., international visitors, people in line at the grocery store, minority students in your classes, etc.)

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