Ethical Decision Making

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This assignment allows you to demonstrate an understanding of how to resolve ethical dilemmas.

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Below are three ethical dilemmas that human service professionals face:

Ethical Dilemmas:

1. You are a case manger for an agency that contracts with your local community college to provide classroom training for participants seeking to improve job skills. Conchita, a twenty-five year old female, tells you during your case management meeting that her classroom-training instructor is sexually harassing her. You suggest that she file a grievance with the college but she begins to cry and says she wants to forget about it and that she fears retaliation from the instructor if she goes public. Then she becomes angry and states that under no circumstances does she want you to do or say anything.

2.  You are providing case management to Herman who has a long history of drug abuse and dealing. During one counseling session Herman tells you he is no longer using drugs but sold a little to friends recently. Later Herman’s Probation Officer contacts you and asks how he is doing.  The Probation officer also volunteers that he thinks Herman is using and dealing again and if he would provoke his probation if he had proof. 

3. You are a case manager for a youth program that provides educational and recreational programs for adolescents. Indira, a fifteen-year old female, comes to you for help because she has been sexually active with a boy who has been told he has a sexually-transmitted disease and she does not know what to do. She also tells you that under no circumstances does she want her parents to find out and wants you to promise not to tell them.

Write a four to five page paper that answers the following questions for each of the three ethical dilemmas above:

1) Identify what the ethical dilemma is using the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals found either on the website or in located the reading for this module. 

2) How would you resolve the dilemma? Use the steps for resolving ethical dilemmas located the reading for this module to reflect on your process as you come to your decision.

You will be expected to provide citations for your sources in the body of your paper plus a reference page using APA style

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