ethics week 6 response 2

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I need to respond to this in 300-400 words in APA format

I have been blessed throughout my life to observe several instances of servant leadership. My current boss is one of the best examples I can produce as he is a wonderful example of servant leadership. I have worked for him for ten years and watched how he puts the team’s best interest first ahead of his own. He often credits the team with the success that we achieve. “Servant leadership is the highest expression of the human spirit. It makes us transcendent. We rise above our own self-interest and reach out to others. It is an act of humility” (Fisher & Martini, 2004, p. 151). Jim, my boss, demonstrates these servant leader qualities often. He has been an amazing listener and mentor to me and others over the years. His leadership traits are admirable and I attempt to emulate them in my leadership style.

Jim will often apologize for his mistakes and own them. When something doesn’t go right, he will often take responsibility even when others could probably bear some of the responsibility. This is because of his humility that he does this. “True leadership has no room for arrogance. It requires total honesty” (Fisher & Martini, 2004, p. 158). I think humility is one of the greatest characteristics a leader can have and Jim certainly has this even though he is confident about his abilities and he expects accountability from all of us. As a leader myself, I attempt to practice confidence and humility. I aim to be a servant leader. I am thankful to have had such a wonderful mentor to whom I can compare myself and improve.

Fisher, R. S., & Martini, P. J. (2004). Inspiring leadership: character and ethics matter. King of Prussia, PA: Academy Leadership.

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