Exam short essay part

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Write on the FOUR Essay Questions below. Be as full and specific as possible; answer in about 150 words.


Supporters and critics of the U.S. War in Vietnam agree on virtually nothing except that America’s war in Vietnam was a failure. Describe and explain each side’s views on such issues as the war’s basic nature, causes of failure, what should have been done differently, and what lessons the United States should learn from this experience.


Discuss the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project of 1964 and the civil rights march from Selma, Alabama, to Montgomery, Alabama, the following year. What were their common goals? What was the outcome of each?


On what variety of grounds did Martin Luther King, Jr., argue that nonviolent direct action was the best method for fighting social injustice and achieving progress?


Describe American feminism as it emerged in the 1960s. How did different feminist groups define their goals, and what means and approaches did they use to try to achieve them?

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