Experiment Results Paper

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Here are the mean number of items correct for the entire class in the experiment we did over the first 4 units of class:

Rehearsal: 6.63 items

Rhyming: 6.71 items

Interactive Imagery: 7.55 items

A within-subjects analysis of variance determined that the mean number of items remembered was significantly higher in the imagery condition than in either of the other two conditions, (F(1, 394) = 9.958, p<.05), and the mean number of items remembered in the rehearsal condition was not different from the number remembered in the rhyming condition (F(1, 394)= 0.09 p>.05). If you haven’t taken statistics and aren’t clear on the F-statistic being used here, the relevant issue is that people did significantly better using imagery than rehearsal or rhyming, and there was no difference in number remembered when rehearsal was compared to rhyming.

Using your knowledge of memory research, including the relevant theories from the text and from the course lectures, explain what results you would have expected for this study, why you expected those results, and note whether our results came out as expected. There are at least two separate theories of memory being tested here, and you need to cite those theories to support why you expected whatever outcome you expected and note whether the theories were supported in our results. Finally, and this part is very important, you should note in your analysis what implications this has for practical uses of memory. How would you apply the information we learned in this study to real world problems and situations?

Please see attached for my results in the experiment as well as the chapter for the text.

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