Exploratory Essay (Draft 1) 2

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This essay is the first in a series of three essays that will deal with a single issue or event in the world today. In this essay, you will be explaining the facts of your event or issue, not presenting the various perspectives or your own personal view on your issue. This is the place where you present a view of the data the upcoming perspectives are based on.

You may choose to approach this assignment in one of several ways, depending on your issue. You may choose to present a timeline of events leading up to present day. You may choose to present the basic concepts on which your issue rests. You may choose to combine these approaches. However you approach this assignment, you need to remember to retain an empirical stance while striving to present your data in a unique, interesting way.

Some tips to completing this assignment successfully:

  • Try to find a unique angle or presentation for you issue in order to engage the reader.
  • Focus on one aspect of your broad issue–you’re going for depth, not breadth of coverage
  • Remember to stick to an empirical stance. You will have the chance to present the different sides of your issue, as well as your own position, at a later date.

This essay must be at least 600 words long, and set it Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins. Your text must be double-spaced and you must use MLA format. Also, remember to cite all information that you cull from outside sources.

You must have a hard copy of this essay during class for your scheduled workshop session. Late drafts will be assessed penalties and will not receive feedback.

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