Face time screen time

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Write an annotation essay as you reach the attached story below . Make sure to include :

– As you reach, point out the thesis. Is the thesis clearly stated and is it logical based on the evidence that the author gives. Write your opinion of the thesis in the margin. For example : agree-disagree-unclear-strong

-Find the main supporting ideas that the author uses to support his/her thesis ( use it in your summary paragraph)

-Notice the facts, examples, and other ideas the writer uses to make each idea clear and convincing. Do they clearly support the thesis Are they logical? Are they convincing? Note the important ones and describe your opinions of how well the writer conveys the supporting ideas and what you think of each one. Did he or she miss something

-Find points that you question. For example : Why does the author say this ? not logical

-find connections between your experiences and ideas to help support your opinion and write them in the margins. Also, note connections to other texts you have read that would support your opinion

-Think about the support again. has the author omitted, or not included, ideas that you think are important or better suppport the thesis? do you have questions about the ideas?

– Make sure when you write the essay, the thesis statement and topic sentences are clear

-Make your ideas as clear as possible

-Remember to add a title

-In your summary of the article, it is not necessary to cover everything, but do give a brief explanation of the main points so that the reader of your summary will have a basic idea of what the “Face Time vs. Screen Time” is about. (You can then select which parts you want to focus on for your “analysis,” the part where you share your observations about the article.)

-you are giving us your opinion about how the original author supports his/her claims in the article. Were the examples convincing? Was there enough “evidence” for claims made? Was there another viewpoint the author could have included, or missing information that could strengthen the author’s argument?

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