Family Studies Infant Observation Paper

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So, basically this assignment is an infant observation paper. We observed an infant in class for one hour and 15 minutes and now the professor wants us to write about it. I posted the prompt and instructions in the files section below. The professor is VERY strict when it comes to plagiarism/ grammar/ answering all the sections. She is the type that will fail and won’t care. She is definitely VERY picky when it comes to writing papers. PLEASE answer the ENTIRE prompt CORRECTLY in APA format and PLEASE cite the book. The professor is asking for at least 3 quotes from the book related to the assignment and cite it in the reference page! She is VERY picky for APA as well, so if one thing is off she will take off 10 points. I will also provide the name of the book for you to cite it (I do not have access to the book). I also provided the notes I took in class on the infant for you to use it while writing the paper. I have all the notes with me, I took pictures of it and uploaded in the files section below. Please be very descriptive in the essay because she wants to see the effort put into the paper, use my notes I provided but make sure you use the notes in the correct format. Let me know if you are confused or you can’t understand my hand written notes.. I will be here to help with any unclear info! Please read through THE ENTIRE prompt, don’t skim through it because it has to be PERFECT and it is due today!

Just some general information about the child:

Her name is Zola E. Her mom’s name is Ymari and dads name is (Kalu). Her birthweight was 6 lbs and 5 oz. Her birth height was 19”. She is currently 17 lbs and 22”. Her birthdate is March 22, 2019. Zola mostly has contact with her aunties and grandma. She has 4 teeth on bottom and 2 teeth on top.

The rest of the notes are in the files section below as to what she was doing during the observation. Also, if you see the name “Keating” often in my notes, that is my Professor’s name because my professor was interacting with her on the rug with her mom as well. Also, please make sure to write a decent amount and answer all the questions/ prompts. There is no minimum to the assignment, but she did state that she wants all the question answered properly so about 6 pages. Don’t forget to reference the book as well!!

Here are two sources of the book, you can pick either or to cite:

  • Fogel, A. (2014). Infancy: Infant, family, and society (6th ed.). Cornwall-on-the-Hudson, NY: Sloan Publishing, LLC.
  • Tsiaras, A. (2002). From conception to birth: A life unfolds. New York, NY: Doubleday.

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