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This is a really important paper to do. I need to finish it by sunday morning. there are articles you need to used them in this paper. the explanation is posted on a file. even I took screen shot of the articles that you just allow to use them. they are just two articles you need to use them. NO OTHER ARTICLES JUST THESE TWO. MIXING THEM WITH YOUR WAY OF WRITING, AND IDEAS. REMEMBER YOUR OWN IDEAS. Moreover, the explanation about what do you need to follow and what do you need to do all in the files. 

Read The information and tell, if you need more explanation. 

Now, we need to notice that NO PLAGIARISM. after i receive the assignment I will check it if there is any PLAGIARISM or not.

APA style, there are examples for it in the presentation that the professor gave. 

make sure you follow the guid for this assignment. let me know if you have any question.   


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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper