FastCat Phase II – Step 3: Choose Pay Policy Line

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We have 3 structures jobs each one has graph I want to write one paragraph under each one

this is example for the paragraph:

“Figure 5 shows FastCats’ two different pay policy lines. The green
dotted line is lagging the market by 5% and the black dotted line is leading
the market by 5%. The red line illustrates the average pay in the market. We decided
to use the green dotted line as our pay policy because we plan to lag the
market in salary. We chose this option because FastCat needs to focus on
cutting labor costs and raising production. We did not want to lag more than 5%
because we felt that the employees would not be motivated if it were any lower.
Since we are lagging the market, we plan to give incentives for innovation and
high productivity in order to retain our valued employees. 9+”

I will send you the graph and all he information.

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