FAU Food Addiction Implications for Regulation and Research Journal Article

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The journal includes the following processes and requirements:

  • Start with an engaging attention getter, identifying the observation/problem addressed by the media communication and in the scientific communication;
  • Identify the media communication as a media communication/secondary source and the scientific communication as a scientific communication/primary source
  • Write a valid hypothesis statement which is addressed by the research in the scientific article and explain if the hypothesis is presented correctly in the media source;
  • Identify additional parts to the scientific method including research methods, results, and research conclusions comparing what is stated in the media source and the scientific source;
  • End the journal definitively;
  • Use paraphrased information, examples, and evidence to support all points;
  • Properly organize information within and between paragraphs;
  • Format layout, citations, and references in correct APA style.

The articles for this paper attached below , also instructions is at

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