FIN343 Summary

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Weekly Summaries
On a weekly basis, learners are expected to submit a Weekly Summary of topics learned, objectives achieved and a conclusion as to the practical relevance of the subject material covered. The Weekly Summary should include the following “Five Points” as “Headings (similar to Chapter Titles)” and run about 1-2 pages, due by Day 7. The “Body” should take the form of a “Q/A” format.:

  1. What are the most important concepts you have learned from this course?
  2. What would you recommend to your management/leadership based on these concepts? (e.g., change of direction, new systems, re-engineering). Think of this from the perspective that you are the senior executive in the organization with the authority to impact change.
  3. How will these concepts impact you personally and professionally?
  4. What is the value-added from these concepts or what difference can these concepts make to your organization? (e.g., financial savings, productivity improvements, expanded marketing activities).
  5. Personal notes and observations on your individual progress in the course and group work.

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